Why Morgan?

Morgan International is a leading regional professional education and training services provider with a global reach across 28 locations worldwide.

Morgan has a broad portfolio of training programs that include certifications, diplomas, workshops, and Continuing Professional Education courses across seven industries including accounting, auditing, finance, human resources, supply chain & logistics, and digital marketing. 

Morgan’s objective is to equip professionals with key skills, knowledge, and expertise to grow in today's rapidly evolving world.


The Morgan Edge


25+ years of experience and proven success in advising and attending to the needs of international students and working professionals


Strategic & mutually beneficial partnerships with leading regional institutions and top global course providers

Network & Premium Courseware

A worldwide network and privileged relationships with major institutions and international suppliers enable us to provide local support and world-class training solutions to local businesses and individuals


A dedicated international team of certified professionals & experienced academics who are fully dedicated to the success of our candidates

Track Record

 Privileged client relationships with regional and international financial firms, banks, and government institutions that are based on confidence and a successful, cooperative track record

Commitment to quality

Practiced by continually surveying the market for new educational trends and enhancing the quality of our customer service, career guidance, language assistance, tutoring, and other professional resources

Partnerships That Make A Difference

We have teamed up with academic institutions and organizations to bring training solutions closer to you.

Corporate Network

Organizations, Governmental Agencies, Financial Institutions and Universities chose Morgan International as their preferred training provider. 

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