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The Shop! MaRC Program is the industry’s only globally recognized credential that keeps retail individuals current on retail environments and experiences. This extensive and intense certification program encompasses the strategic and tactical aspects of being a supplier to the retail industry to give participants a competitive edge.

 There are no prerequisites to enroll in the program and take the MaRC exam. You should consider the certification if you are in Sales, Purchasing, Store Planning, Shopper Marketing or in other occupations related to retail.

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The Standard of Excellence: 

Shop! is the global trade association dedicated to enhancing retail environments and experiences.

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Through Global awards, international events, exclusive research and reports, and more

Global Reach: 

Shop! serves the global retailing community with members from 30 different nations

Companies Choose Shop!: 

Shop! represents more than 2,000 member companies worldwide from 30 countries

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Exam Overview

To earn your MaRC credential, you’ll need to pass the exam administered by Shop!

  • Exam Format: delivered online with 100 multiple choice questions reported as Pass or Fail and the passing grade is 80%

  • Exam Time: 2 hours

  • Testing Windows: four windows throughout the year (February, May, August, or November)

  • The MaRC certification exam surveys retail environments’ job knowledge across five content domains. Each of the five domains comprises 20 percent of the exam.

The five content domains include: 

  1. Research: the Research domain enhances the candidate’s knowledge of trends, futures, and the role and behavior of the consumer and shopper

  2. Design: outlines the best practices for the design of retail, stores, fixtures as well as the customer experience

  3. Build: details the elements of constructing retail environments: materials and methods, logistics and installation, sustainability, and project management

  4. Execute: expands candidates’ knowledge of key concepts in visual merchandising, signage, mobile technology, promotions, packaging, and sensory media

  5. Evaluate: offers insight into ROI, analytics and other activities used to evaluate the retail environment & customer experience. Includes trade practices and regulatory compliance.

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